August 2, 2016

Inside the company

Our company is a veteran in the travelers’ transport, our commitment to the safety and well-being of the persons is the most important thing, because of it, we have policies dedicated to improve our services, the quality of our fleet and the training of our employees.

Commitment with the safety

Our company follows the actual regulation for travelers’ transport, which you can consult with the Ministerio de Fomento.

We pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Professional drivers certified with the CAP (certificate of professional aptitude)
  • Control of the maximum weight of every coach.
  • Endowment of tachometer.
  • Endowment of safety belt.
  • Control of times of driving and rest of our drivers.
  • Special attention to the requirements of the minors and school transport.

Occupational training

Our drivers are in possession of the CAP, certified of professional aptitude regulated by the Royal decree 1032/2007, of July 20 (BOE of August 2, 2007).

They also receive a permanent training in parallel areas such as;

  • European Legislation in Transport and Logistics.
  • Preveción of Labor Risks in situations of Emergency’s Driving.
  • Practices of Emergency situations in Driving.
  • Efficient Driving and Energetic saving.
  • Defensive Driving.

Commitment with the society

Our team is a family and, as such, diverse policies have been implemented as family conciliation, woman and equality, respect for the environment, etc.

Commitment with the client

The needs of the society are changing and, our intention is to provide the best experience to all our clients. For all that our coaches have reclining seats with ergonomic armchairs, GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM), HD, Wifi, climate control, icebox, etc..