August 2, 2016


Protection of personal data

Pilar Romero S.L. commits itself to comply with the legislation in force regarding automated data processing and, in particular, Organic Law 15/99 on the Protection of Persona Dat a dated 13th December (hereinafter LPD). Through the privacy policy below, Pilar Romero S.L. thus informs its clients of the following measures:

Towards the end of rendering the services offered through, as well as offering customized products and services, improving commercial relations and managing the requests made by our clients, Pilar Romero S.L. shall handle its clients’ personal data in an automated manner, for the purposes specified further on.

Pilar Romero S.L. guarantees that it shall take full responsibility for the said files, and that these are duly declared and registered at the General Registry of the Agency on Data Protection, the data base of which may be consulted in the following web page (

Pilar Romero S.L. hereby informs you that your e-mail address will be included in an automated file for the purpose of providing you information on our news and offers by e-mail:

Job Opportunities Form

On filling up the Job Application form, each registrant accepts and and authorizes Pilar Romero S.L.’ s use and automated processing of the personal information furnished so as to integrate them into our personnel selection data base for the purpose of personnel selection in the different hotels and companies of SH Hotels, as well as the cession of the said data to the companies making up Pilar Romero S.L. and its associates, for the exclusive purpose of personnel selection. Pilar Romero S.L. informs the holder that s/he may enforce his/her access, amendment, cancellation and opposition rights, contacting the person responsible for processing said information at the Pilar Romero S.L. Human Resources Department, at the address indicated above.

2) Registration in the Offers and Promotions Distribution List

Pilar Romero S.L. hereby informs you that your e-mail address will be included in an automated file (distribution list) for the purpose of providing you information on our news and offers by e-mail.


Pilar Romero S.L. will not reveal your personal data to any other third party, except for those parties specified in the preceding sections.

Pilar Romero S.L. guarantees that it will handle your personal data confidentially, and that the server on which these are stored and handled is equipped with the security measures established by Spanish standards in relation to data protection.

Use of Cookies

Part of Pilar Romero S.L. customizable services employ cookies.

A cookie is a very small text file that a web server may keep in the hard disk of a computer to store information about users. It can only be read by the website that sent it to the computer.

Normally, websites use cookies to obtain statistical information about their web pages and to analyze the behavior of their clients.

A cookie is not an executable file. It can neither propagate nor contain a virus, nor may it be longer than 4,000 characters.

Pilar Romero S.L .uses cookies for the exclusive purpose of preparing statistics on the use of its website. The information that Pilar Romero S.L. stores on your equipment through this mechanism only consists of a number identifying a user, apart from preferences such as preferred navigation language and the date on which the cookie was sent. This will enable our website to identify you during your subsequent visits. It does not contain personal data or economic or health-related information.

You may configure your navigator to accept or reject the cookies you receive, or to warn you when a server wants to send a cookie:

  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, under the menu option See, select Internet Options and accede to Advanced Options.
  • If you are using Netscape, under the menu option Edit, select Preferences, and accede to the Advanced options. Pilar Romero S.L. would be grateful if you activate the acceptance of cookies, since this would help us obtain more precise data so as to improve the content and design of our web page in order to adapt it to your preferences.